Rules & Regulations


We offer an after school coaching programme which runs for the duration of a school term. We therefore request all parents to commit their Children to attend a full coaching term at IFA.

It is important that the participants attend 100% of the sessions to receive the full benefit of the coaching programme.

Term Payments

All term payments must be made in advance via the IFA registration page on the IFA website (IFA members shall be offered first refusal on each course before we promote the spaces to the wider community).

As we now request all parents to commit to the full term, the website will not allow you to deselect any of the dates.

If you are registering during the term, you will be required to pay for all remaining sessions in the IFA coaching term.

Credit Card Payment/Payments

Credit card details are stored in the company’s database or server and are processed through SSL environment.


All registrations are to be made via the IFA website and are dealt with on a first come first served basis.

Once you have joined

Your Child will be required to arrive promptly at the session (at least 5 minutes prior to the start time), with a water bottle and full IFA football kit.

During the session

Please ensure you do NOT enter the field of play at ANY time during the session. This rule also applies to younger siblings. Please keep to a safe distance away from the playing area.

Persistent offenders may be asked to leave the site/their Child asked to leave the IFA without a refund.


IIf your Child is ill and cannot attend a session please notify the IFA office 24 hours prior to the session. You can make up this session at any one of our other venues / days or at catch up sessions. Please note the catch up sessions may be at another venue. If you require help with this matter please email or telephone us.

Regrettably, we are unable to arrange make up sessions if you inform us after the session has taken place.

Injury, death or damage to property

The Management will not be liable or responsible for any personal injury, accident or death, or any loss or damage to personal property or vehicles caused to or suffered by any visitors, participants, spectators or invitees attending any of the activities hosted by IFA.

All participants, spectators and invitees will be responsible for obtaining appropriate insurance in relation to the conducted activities.

The Management will not be responsible for providing any security, medical assistance or facilities (including any first aid or ambulance services) or any other requirements in connection with any activity or event.


Refunds shall not be given if a session is cancelled outside of IFA's control - e.g. inclement weather or school cancellations. Refunds shall not be given to those people who simply do not attend the session or choose to go on holiday during school term time.

If a refund request is considered valid due to injury or ill health then IFA will offer an alternative or make up session. In exceptional circumstances if monies are to be refunded then this will be by cheque within a maximum of 5 working days.


Please arrive to the IFA sessions no later than 5 minutes prior to the start time. If your Child is late they may be asked to sit at the side of the session until the coach/group has finished their current practice.

Please ensure an IFA coach is present at the venue before leaving your child.


All players should be collected from the playing area. If you wish for your Child to be collected by a different parent/person, please inform the IFA staff of who that person shall be.

Dress code / Kit

Please send your Child in appropriate clothing - IFA football uniform and Trainers or football boots (depending on the surface) - Watches / ear rings / bracelets / necklaces CANNOT be worn as they may be torn from the body causing physical damage.

Summer Months

As the temperature rises we kindly ask that all players wear a hat, suitable factor sunscreen and bring a large bottle of water.